40 Photos That Will Inspire You To Give Southeast Asian Cuisine a Try.

40 Photos That Will Inspire You To Give Southeast Asian Cuisine a Try.

Food should always be an enjoyable part of your travels. Trying out new dishes can be a hit or miss. However it’s always a awesome experience when you discover something you like. This summer, I travelled to Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand which introduced me to so many new amazing and flavourful dishes. I challenge you to be bold in trying something new.

1. Try Some Street Food

South-east Asia is known for its astonishing array of cheap and delicious street food.

Malaysian Street Food

When we ate street food in a random park.

2. Deserts – Sweet and Savoury

Kuih Tepung Pelita Dessert

Chocolate Egg Waffles

3. Food By The Beach

Thai lunch in Ko Lan Island

4. Trying Something New

Nasi kerabu kelantan

Only in Malaysia will you find blue rice! It tasted pretty amazing too! Nasi kerabu kelantan is a popular local dish during the month of Ramadhan.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Roti canai

5. Fruits

Durian are like marmite, you either love it or hate it. I hated it but my friend on the other hand happily ate it as if it was some juicy, sweet pineapples. I definitely think anyone who travels to Southeast Asia should give it a try.

Image result for Durian

Interesting fact: Durians was voted the most smelliest fruit in the world.

They have even been banned from eating on public transport in Singapore. A warning before you try durians, wear gloves!

Image result for Durian

Fresh Coconuts!

6. Indonesian and Malaysian Cuisine

Nasi Putih, Ayam Berlada, Ayam Madu, Ayam Goreng

7. Singaporean Cuisine

Dim sum & more

BBQ pork, duck and chicken

8. Thai Cuisine

Thai Green Curry

Pad Thai, noodles, rice with spicy green pork and honey chicken wings

The best Chicken Pad Thai I have ever tasted!

The Pad Thai I had in Rub Aroon Cafe is the best I’ve ever tasted. The Cafe is located in Phra borom maha ratchawang (very close to WAT PHO temple) in Bangkok.

9. Hakka Cuisine

Traditional Hakka food is a rich part of the culinary heritage of southern China.

Egg Fried Rice, Squid & Egg Stir Fry, Mutton and Chicken Kebabs with Peanut Sauce

Now this is what you call a feast!

Fried Stingray Fish

Chicken Wings

Hopefully my mouthwatering and delicious pictures have inspired you to give Southeast Asian cuisine a try. Stay tuned for some travel posts!

*All photos taken by me, unless otherwise stated.*


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