Baking with a Nutritionist in Japan

Baking with a Nutritionist in Japan

During my solo trip to Japan, I went to the suburbs of Tokyo to take part in Yuko’s baking and cooking class. She is a nutritionist and it was inspiring listening to her journey of how she got into her food career, running cooking classes and spending a year in the UK to learn how to speak English.


She’s a genius when it comes to baking! The way she creates art and cute characters are lovely! You can really see her passion for the work that she does. I got to be a student and learn a lot of new baking techniques from such a brilliant teacher. She showed me three different types of miso paste and some Japanese foods she had in her fridge.

I opted to make shokupan bread (Japanese milk bread) and a traditional Japanese lunch featuring miso soup, Tamagoyaki (egg rolls) and onigiri (rice balls) with Yuko. However, she does offer other menu options like cute Meronpan character (bear and sheep bread) and will accommodate your dietary needs.

I loved the fact that this experience was in her own home, it felt homely and comfortable. This was a really good opportunity to see the interiors of a Japanese home! I love technology in Japanese homes in general. Yuko has an oven in her kitchen that speaks to you literally! It caught me off guard and at first, I thought it was some background noise from the tv but it was her oven. It has spoken requests to turn food during cooking. The oven speaks when the door is opened or closed and speaks confirmation of functions selected and cooking time. The time remaining is spoken at the press of a button at any stage whilst cooking.


The automatic features are astonishingly good, better than anything I have ever seen. I hope I can get an oven like that in the future. We exchanged some cultural differences about how we prepared food for Christmas and new year. We spoke just about everything from life to Japanese perception on western culture, typical Japanese diet, to spending her time briefly in the U.K. Aside from conversing about our culture difference between the U.K. Nigeria and Japan, it was a candid eye-opener!

I booked her baking/cooking class through Airbnb experiences! I Would definitely recommend her class if you’re planning to travel to Japan in the future! You can watch my vlog on IGTV and see in action what we got up to.

Have you had a culinary experience in your home country or in another country? Comment below.



  1. May 22, 2020 / 12:55 pm
    The food looks great! Would love to be in Japan right now. Thanks for sharing. Greetings from London.
    • May 23, 2020 / 3:02 pm
      Thank you! Haha me too but stuck in the UK sadly! Thanks for reading.

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