6 Fun Things To Do In Nairobi On A Budget 

The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Nairobi is a bustling unique city as it’s the only city in the world where you find a game park, the Nairobi National park within a city. You can drive to a part of Nairobi where you’ll see an abundance of wildlife and drive to another part of Nairobi and see a fast-paced city with skyscraper buildings. I think that’s pretty cool if you ask me. When people ask me what my experience in Kenya was like, the only way I can describe it is as a ‘Nollywood movie’. Let’s just say I had some amazing and some problematic experiences. Nairobi had a national curfew from 10 pm to 4 am at the time, so I had to plan my day effectively to avoid getting stuck in traffic. Travelling during pandemics is no joke, but I am grateful to have gotten to experience some really nice things in Kenya that I recommend in this post. 

1. Feeding Rothschild Giraffes At The Giraffe centre

I have to say that spending the morning with the gentle giants is one of my top ten travel experiences. It was so much fun feeding the giraffes that I forgot about time and spent almost three hours. It is definitely an affordable activity to do when visiting the city for a non-resident adult for only 1500 kes (£10 / approx $15). 

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Giraffes at the Giraffe centre
Giraffe Centre

2. The Kitengela Hot Glass Experience

If you’re more on the adventurous side, I would definitely recommend this experience. This was deffiently a three in one experience and we got to experience a safari walk, walk on the suspension bridge decorated with beautiful Kitengela Glass pieces and watch the art of glass blowing at Anselm’s Kitengela Hot Glass.

Anselm’s Kitengela Hot Glass offers a cafe. However, if you’re looking for a more scenic lunch spot or would like to cool off in an outdoor pool when it’s hot in Nairobi, visit the Maasi Lodge. You can hire a guide at the Maasi Lodge for 700 Kes (£4.65) to take you on a safari walk to the Kitengela Hot Glass for an entrance fee of 200 Kes (£1.33). 

Canopy walk in Nairobi
Canopy walk in Nairobi
the hot glass shop at Anselm's Kitengela Hot Glass
Anselm’s Kitengela Hot Glass

3. Visit the Many shopping Malls and markets 

One thing about Nairobi is that this city has an abundance of shopping malls and plenty of markets and you are really spoilt for choice. My favourite shopping malls are Westgate Shopping Mall, Two Rivers Mall (the largest shopping mall in Kenya). City Market and the Maasai market offer a more local experience, where you can find vendors selling handmade jewellery, bags, textiles, art, and plenty of other souvenirs. 

City Market
City Market

4. Go On A Free Walking Tour Of The City

When I visit a new city, I always take a walking tour to get a feel for the surroundings and usually the guide will be willing to give great recommendations for food and other places to see. The Nairobi city centre free walking tour gives you an insight into the history, culture and popular landmarks such as the Uhuru Park Viewpoint, Kenyatta International Convention Center (KICC), National Museum and Snake Park. Although the tour is free, it’s courteous to give a tip to the tour guide

TIP: It’s important to note some attractions such as the government buildings do not allow photography so please be cautious. It’s also a good idea to carry water and some snacks to munch on during the tour. Bring some Kenyan shillings with you since you may have to pay entrance fees depending on the site you visit. 

Uhuru Park in Nairobi
Uhuru Park

5. See Baby Elephants At The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Every day between 11 a.m. and 12 a.m., visitors can interact with baby elephants at the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and also listen to an educational presentation by one of the keepers. Being able to get quite close to these playful elephants is an unforgettable experience. You’ll get the chance to learn about the conservation work to rescue, protect rescue and rehabilitate orphan elephants. Perhaps you will consider adopting an elephant after a visit. I recommend pre-booking this experience online as they have limited daily capacity. Bookings may be made up to three months in advance of the booking date. It is not possible to make day-of bookings. The entry fee is Kshs 1,500 (US$15 / £10) and can be paid in cash or via Mpesa, on the day of your visit. 

The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
Me at the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
Me at the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

6. Experience Nairobi’s Lit Nightlife & Day Parties

Before I came to Nairobi, many friends told me I had to experience the vibrant nightlife. One thing about Kenyans for sure is that they know how to have a good time.  For a nightlife experience, I would recommend B club. For a local day party experience, check out 1824 Whiskey Bar & Lounge on Saturday.  For a more upscale experience with stellar views of the City and National Park visit the Sky lounge at Emara Hotel Ole Sereni. The sky lounge is perfect for sundowners or hanging out with friends, as it has a sophisticated ambience creating a chilled vibe. 

Rooftop views at the Sky lounge at Emara Hotel Ole Sereni.
The Sky lounge at Emara Hotel Ole Sereni

What are some of your favourite places to visit in Nairobi? Please share them with me in the comment section below.


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