6 places To Explore On A Group trip To Sierra Leone

6 places To Explore On A Group trip To Sierra Leone

You may want to consider Sierra Leone for a post-covid trip as it now has opened its borders to tourists. Further information regarding the entry requirements for travelling abroad can be found on the UK Government foreign travel advice.

Sierra Leone, located in West Africa, has a tropical climate with a variety of ecosystems ranging from grasslands to rainforests. You will find plenty of natural beauty, beaches, and islands in Sierra Leone. The nation’s capital and largest city, Freetown, is where you’ll find markets to enjoy, and a vibrant nightlife to be experienced. Here are 6 things to explore on a group trip to Sierra Leone.  

person walking on beach during daytime
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1. Relax and chill at the many coastal beaches.

Relax, swim and watch the sunset on the coastal gorgeous beaches. On your next visit to Sierra Leone, stop by Lumley beach, Lakka Beach, Bureh beach, Kent beach and Number 2 beach.

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Number 2 Beach

 2. Experience some nature outside of Freetown.

Experience some nature outside of Freetown and go on a road trip to Kabala, Senekedugu & the Wara Wara Mountain. Hike Wara Wara Mountains and take in the breathtaking views together.

3. Take a boat cruise to the Banana Islands.

Take a boat cruise to the historic Banana islands. Banana Islands offers a wide range of leisure activities, tours, accommodation options and fresh sea food.

The best beaches in Sierra Leone | Bradt Guides
Banana islands


4. Try some delicious street food.

Try delicious street food such as kankankan & fry fry. You can bring a taste of Sierra Leone to your kitchen by trying this groundnut stew recipe. Visit the popular Big market to do some souvenir shopping. Here you’ll find many things like beautiful fabrics, shoes, and handmade arts and crafts.

Fry Fry - Sierra Leone | Local Food Guide
Fry Fry

5. Enjoy a good time at the Night clubs/bars in Freetown.

Check out the night scene in Freetown. Dress up and party at Whatsapp Bar, Twenty Twenty 2020, The Warehouse and Scarlett lounge.

6.  Explore Tiwai island.

Walk the forests of Tiwai Island accompanied by a local guide and explore the wildlife sanctuary. You can spot a variety of species and animals such as Diana monkeys, pygmy hippos and chimpanzees.


Tiwai Island
Tiwai Island

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