First of all, welcome to the Diy with joy tribe!

I’m Joyce and I enjoy meaningful solo travel as well as group trips, adventures, and creating recipes. Food and travel are my love languages! I love that travel connects me with people beyond borders and transports me beyond my kitchen to give me a taste of travel and experience different cultures. 
I’m a British Nigerian travel and food blogger, content creator, recipe developer, an Engineer turned digital marketer and travel and marketing consultant based in the UK. I have travelled to more than thirty countries and lived on two continents. Some people may call me a multi- hyphenate doer of things. My mission is to encourage a community to find more joy in travelling, cooking, wellbeing and in life in general. 

I run my own travel consultancy business and I provide services to help clients meet their personal travel needs and ease off the pressure of planning a holiday. Check out some testimonials of what clients say about my Plan Your Trip services. I want to encourage more people to make travel a priority in their life because the world is too beautiful not to experience.⠀

 A black women on a yellow canoe boat in Phi phi island
Me on a day trip in Phuket, Thailand


About The Blog:

Diy With Joy is a platform that inspires and equips Millennial travellers to travel and cook with joy with a focus on solo female travel, long-term slow travel and experiencing food cultures and history.  On Diy (Do it yourself) with joy (noun – a feeling of great pleasure and happiness) you can expect to find everything from delicious recipes, food travel experiences & guides, #Travelsmart tips, meaningful travel stories, informative destination travel guides and more from a solo female traveller who loves to slowly travel, mostly long-term.  My recipes are inspired by food from around the world, food culture and Nigerian flavours that I grew up with. Come along with me on a transformational journey, as I explore diverse tastes globally and inspire you to travel deeper, smarter and with joy!

Want to know more about working with Diy With Joy? You can reach me via my contact me form or email me directly at diywithjoy@outlook.com

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