24 Of The Best Things To Do In Lagos, Nigeria

Lagos, Nigeria is always a vibe all year round! Lagos, sometimes mistaken for the capital city of Nigeria, is the largest city and serves as a bustling hub for business, arts, technology, fashion, entertainment, politics and also a powerhouse of economic activity.

Lagos is not just a beautiful and chaotic city for me; it’s also a place I call my second home and being a British Nigerian is very much part of my identity. Lagos is a testament to the industrious spirit of the nation, offering a unique taste of its vibrant culture. Our energy as people is truly unmatched. It’s the city that never sleeps! Nigeria, often hailed as “the Giant of Africa” with a population exceeding 190 million, solidifies its status as the most populous nation on the continent.

Whether you’re a first-time visitor to Lagos, a local wanting to explore more of your city, or a Nigerian in the diaspora returning for Detty December and beyond, I share 24 unique and fantastic things to do in Lagos. From exploring fun places in Lagos to engaging in the best activities that capture the city’s spirit, this guide ensures your visit becomes an unforgettable experience. Discover the best of Lagos as I showcase both fun places and things to do, making your stay truly memorable. Don’t worry, I’ve also got families covered with kid-friendly activities to do in Lagos.

A black woman wearing Ankara print skirt posing in front of art in Nike Art's Gallery

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Ajo an eSIM technology helping you to stay connected in Lagos, Nigeria

Instagram Pages To Stay Updated with New Places to Visit and Events In Lagos

I always tell people Lagos is an all-year-round destination and not just for a visit to Lagos in December because there’s always something to do in Lagos.  I’m always looking for the latest events in Lagos and like discovering new spots to explore when I visit Lagos. These are the following pages I follow for a calendar of events, the newest openings of restaurants, hotels and other places to visit:

  1. Fomo Lagos – @Fomo.lagos
  2. Enjoy Ng – @enjoy.ng
  3. The Lagos Weekender – @thelagosweekender
  4. AWE Lagos – @aweLagos
  5. Nothing To Do In Lagos – @nothingtodoinlagos 
  6. Seee Lagos Nigeria – @seeelagos
  7. The Navia App – @thenaviaapp
  8. Lagos On A Budget – @lagosonabudget
  9. My Crawl App – @mycrawlapp
  10. Lagos Events – @Lagos_events
  11. Lagos City Info – @lagoscityinfo

Top Things To Do In Lagos

Visit West Africa’s Biggest Art Gallery, Nike Art’s Centre

Start your morning exploring Nike Arts Centre, West Africa’s largest art gallery. There’s a collection of about 8,000 stunning artworks and a must-visit when in Lekki, Lagos. It’s free to enter and opens 10 am – 6 pm on Monday to Saturday and 1 pm – 6 pm on Sundays. You are not allowed to take direct photography on the artworks but you can take pictures and videos of yourself with your phone in the gallery. I had the pleasure of meeting Nike Davies-Okundaye, the owner of Nike Art Centre and she’s one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet. If you want to make the most of the day and save time waiting for other travellers, enjoy the personalised service of a guided private tour. 

Book Experience Lagos Nigeria in 1 Day Tour

Nike Art's Centre
Nike Art’s Centre
the beautiful artwork at Nike Art's Centre
Nike Art’s Centre

Go shopping at Lekki Arts and Crafts Market

Just a few minutes’ drive from Nike Arts Centre you can go on a shopping spree in Lekki Arts & Crafts Market to shop for some authentic art, handmade bags, sculptures and more. It is a great place to visit to shop for local artisan goods which make lovely souvenirs too. The prices are quite reasonable but don’t remember to bargain a little bit. 

A black women posing in front of hand woven baskets at Lekki Arts and Crafts Market
Lekki Arts and Crafts Market

Experience Live Music At Bogobiri House 

If you want to see how gifted Nigerians are, come to Bogobiri House in Ikoyi, Lagos to experience an open mic night of talented musicians, artists and comedians every Thursday from 7:30 pm. This is one of my favourite places as it’s a hidden gem and I love live music. There is usually an entrance fee at the door for this event for 2000N (£1.75 /$2.22). Bogobiri House is a one-stop experience as it offers a laidback ambience and is Afrocentric with a restaurant, art gallery, mini library, and a boutique hotel with 16 rooms. 

Open mic night at Bogogiri with man playing the guitar
Bogobiri open mic night

Walk The Longest Canopy Walkway in Africa

For adventurous folks or people who love nature, brave the longest canopy walk in Africa at the Lekki Conservation Centre. This is a super fun and chill activity to do with family and friends. The Lekki Conservation Centre includes a family park, Treehouse and other activities like bird watching which is great for families with children. 
The entrance fees are:
  • Adults – N1500
  • Children below 10 years old – N500
  • Walkway trek – N1500
  • Canopy Walk – N1500 per person (this amount excludes the entrance fee)

Observe monkeys, crocodiles, and a variety of birds during your visit. Dive deeper into the region’s knowledge by spending time in the centre’s library. Engage in activities such as playing human chess, unwinding under the raffia, exploring fish ponds, and more. Don’t miss the chance to snap a selfie with the 96-year-old tortoise. Challenge yourself to spot various species, including peacocks. You can enjoy the convenience of private, air-conditioned transportation for hotel pick-up and drop-off with a private tour. 

Book the Lekki Conservation Center Extraordinary Tour

Lekki Conservation Centre canopy walk

Take a Day Trip To Badagry To Learn The Important Black Slave History

Discover the rich history of black heritage on this insightful tour, encompassing visits to the Badagry Slave Museum and the Black History Museum. Your knowledgeable guide will lead you through the annals of the slave era, providing insights into significant figures such as Williams Seriki Abass, whose resting place holds historical importance. Gain an understanding of the missionaries’ role in this era as well. Following this, embark on a boat trip to Gberefu Island, where you’ll learn about attenuation wells and explore the area’s monuments, deepening your appreciation for this important chapter in history.
Badagry Adventure Slave Trade Tour
Badagry Slave Museum

Take a Stroll The Freedom Park

Enjoy the beautiful scenery while you relax, sip and watch the convergence at the Freedom Park for a night of entertainment. This is a great place to take nature walks. It’s a simple and free way to soak in the holiday spirit. Other parks to visit are JJT Park, Ndubuisi Can’t Park, Shodex Gardens and Muri Okunola.

Freedom Park, Lagos
Freedom Park Image credit: foluoyefeso

Day trip to Abeokuta and Climb Olumo Rock

Get away from the hustle and bustle of Lagos and take a day trip to Abeokuta in Ogun state. You can opt to do a private tour of Olumo Rock Mountain for one of the best panoramic views of Abeokuta.  It’s an excellent way to avoid crowds as you travel in a comfortable vehicle equipped with Wi-Fi. Upon reaching Olumo Rock, your guide will share stories about Egba warriors and accompany you on the climb to the peak. I have fond memories of visiting Olumo Rock as a child with my family and learning the important history of how this landmark was used as a natural fortress for the Egbas during inter-tribal warfare in the 19th century.

The tour also highlights the Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library and historical artefacts. You will be safely guided through Olumo Rock with a guide to lead the way, travel comfortably in an air-conditioned vehicle, and stay energised for your hike with included snacks. 

Book your day trip to Olumo Rock

Exploring Olumo Rock, The Ancient Fortress of the Egba people of Abeokuta
Olumo Rock Image credit: foluoyefeso

Go Restaurant Hopping

I may be biased as a Nigerian but Nigeria has some of the best food in the world. There’s a diverse food scene which varies from region to region. You can’t leave Lagos without trying our local foods. From fine dining, and local street food to budget-friendly restaurants, there’s something for everyone. For local food, I recommend going to Ofada Boy (Surulere), and Glover Court Suya (Lekki) and chop Amala at one of the best local food spots at Mama Toyin Foods. Some of my other favourite restaurants are Nok, The Cactus Restaurant, Kingfishers and more.

Outside Cactus Restaurant with christmas lights
Cactus Restaurant

Relax At The Beach

Lagos is blessed with a long coastline along the Atlantic Ocean and has an abundance of beaches with so many new beach clubs popping up every couple of months! 

The newest beach clubs are Wave Beach Club and the Good Beach. Most beaches have an entry fee  Also for Detty December, there is always a monthly calendar full of events, parties, and festivals. There is something for everyone! You’ll be spoilt for choice trying to figure out which one to attend. Did you know Lagos has over 30 beaches? 

The sunset in Lagos

Here’s a list of some of the best beaches to visit in Lagos:

1. La Campagne Tropicana

La Campagne Tropicana is my personal favourite as it offers a variety of activities such as horse riding, kayaking, and jet skiing and is very beautiful.  This Beach Resort is not just one of the best beaches in Lagos, but in the whole African continent as well. It spans up to 60 acres on the Atlantic Ocean coast and is surrounded by coconut trees bordered by a lagoon and mangrove forest. La Campagne is the ideal place for an escape. It’s a bit of a drive from central Lagos and recommend getting there early in the morning so you can make the most of your day trip there. 

Gate fee: NGN 2,000-NGN 6,000 per person.

La Campagne Tropicana beach in Lagos

2. Box Beach (Sol Oniru by Boxmall Beach)

Box Beach stands out as one of Lagos’ finest private beaches, distinguished as a top-tier beach promenade in Nigeria and the largest container park across the African continent.

The Box offers an immersive experience, functioning as a lifestyle mall, entertainment village, and open forum. Visitors have the opportunity to engage in diverse leisure activities, explore shops, savour meals at restaurants, and unwind along the picturesque beachfront situated on the Atlantic.

Gate Fee: N3,000 – N5,000.

3. Landmark Beach

The Landmark beach in Victoria Island is arguably the most popular in Lagos and a prime spot in Lagos where the sea meets fun and activities all year round. It’s home to popular venues like the Hard Rock Cafe, Shiro restaurant, and the Landmark Event Centre, providing leisure and recreational activities for adults and children.

Gate fee:  N3,500 per person.

4. The Good Beach

The Good Beach, situated in Lagos, is a delightful beach club designed to provide a tranquil escape from the city’s hustle and bustle. This trendy beach club offers a perfect setting for immersing yourself in the soothing ocean breeze, soft white beach sands, and a serene atmosphere. Enjoy the calming ocean breeze and gaze at the azure blue sky that hosts beautiful birds. Spanning the Atlantic coastline, Good Beach serves as the ideal destination for a weekend retreat, whether you’re seeking solitude or planning a getaway with friends.

Gate fee: N4,000 – N5,000.

5. Moist Beach

Moist Beach is a private beach in Lagos; it’s a calm but thrilling beach that draws you in with its ambience and wonders.  They do a lot of cool events here. One of my most memorable times was spending New Year’s at their beach club and it was such a vibe.

Gate fee: N1,000

Moist Beach

Explore Lagos With Exp Lagos on the Danfo Bus

EXP Lagos is a tourism co. that aims to connect ppl with experiences within their city. Via local resources, they keep connections unique & affordable. Every first Friday of the month you get on a bus with a group of strangers and enjoy different food and fun activities as they shuttle you around Lagos. This is a unique experience I really enjoyed in Lagos and is a great way to meet other young people. The fee is N3,500. 

Danfo bus with EXP LagosConnecting with people with games with EXP Lagos

Attend a Nigerian Wedding or Owambe Event 

Owambe is a Yoruba word which translates to “it is there”. It is the general name used to refer to parties thrown in Nigeria, especially by the Yoruba people. Yoruba people love to party. I promise you won’t leave a Nigerian wedding empty-handed.  They go all out to celebrate anything worth celebrating, be it wedding ceremonies, birthdays, housewarming, retirement, funerals of the old and aged, and even graduations. Nigerians love to celebrate everything. 

couple in Nigerian traditional clothes dancing in their Nigerian wedding
#JIFYS Nigerian Wedding

Enjoy Nightlife in Lagos’s Many Nightclubs, Bars and Lounges

One thing Lagos is infamous for is the nightlife! Nigerians can party all night until the sunrise. With Nigerian music reigning in afrobeat and globally, you’re spoilt for choice with many places to enjoy music in Lagos.  Some clubs I recommend visiting are Zaza and The Library. If you’re looking for a different scenery I recommend visiting waterfront lounges such as Kingfisher, Bolivar, Redbar, and the View Rooftop lounge in Lekki. For other night events and bars, go to The Sky Bar and Obi’s House.

New Years eve at Moist Beach club
Girls night out at Moist Beach Club

Watch a Live Play at The Terra Kulture

If you’re into theatres and live plays, you can enjoy immersive and fun plays at the Terra Kulture. They have plays running throughout the year with tickets starting from N7,000. You can check their website and Instagram page for more information on the latest shows. 

Terra Kulture – Locatediscount
Image Credit: The Terra Kulture

Visit The Kalakuta Republic Museum

Explore the Kalakuta Republic Museum, a distinctive speciality museum that delves into the singular subject of legendary Afrobeat icon, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti’s life and legacy. Situated at the very place Fela called home, the current location of the museum preserves every facet of his final days. From personal items like toothbrushes and soap to clothing items like pants and shoes, the museum showcases an extensive collection, providing visitors with a unique opportunity to step into Fela’s world and relive his experiences. Kalakuta Republic Museum also houses a boutique hotel (which I had the pleasure of staying there), gallery and rooftop bar. If you do stay at the hotel, you can visit the museum for free.

Kalakuta Republic Museum Painting of Afrobeat Legend, Fela Kuti at Kalakuta Republic Museum

Channel Your Inner Picasso in a Sip and Paint Class

Sip and paint events are becoming widely popular in Lagos, providing fantastic opportunities to socialise and connect with others in a laid-back setting. You can sip on a drink and paint in a relaxing environment with the Art Room Lagos or Sip and Paint Ng. The Art Room also offers self-guided art classes for those who want to nurture their skills and creativity.

Book your next sip and paint experience here

My artwork at a sip and paint class of the sunset with palm trees
My artwork at a sip and paint class

Shop Local at Lagos’s Biggest Open-air Market 

At Balogun market, you can find almost anything at Lagos’s biggest open-air market. From household goods, fruits and vegetables, Ankara fabric and so much more. Visiting this market can be overwhelming if you are not used to large crowds so I’ll recommend making your way here early in the morning with a local. 

TAAG - Lagos - Shopping - Balogun Market
Balogun market

Decorate Your Own Pottery or Enjoy a Basket-weaving class

If you’re looking for fun arts & crafts activities such as Basket weaving and pottery class to do by yourself, with friends or as a team-building exercise, then Breather is recommended. They offer social and private events and they also do arts and crafts for kids at Kids Craft ng. if you prefer painting with ceramics, Paint and Bake is the first ceramic café in Nigeria that offers this kind of activity. 

Culture Trip | Basket Weaving
Basket Weaving Class Image credit: Unravelling Nigeria

Relax at OMA Spa 

If there’s anything guaranteed in Lagos is the crazy traffic and a well-deserved spa afternoon at Oma Spa makes sense to unwind and relax. If you’re into fitness and wellbeing, they also offer pilates reformers classes. 

Enjoy a Candle-making Experience at The Chandler Bar

Lohn is a Chandler bar in Lagos where you can experience personalised candle-making classes. Class takes a maximum of 10 and a minimum of 2 people and you must book 24 hours in advance. Children who are 10 years old and above are also welcome. It’s a fun activity for a date night, a special occasion or even a team bonding activity with friends.

Packages include: 

150 grams candle vessel – N40,000
380 grams candle vessel – N70,000

Explore The Art Scene and Culture With a Visit To These Galleries 

Lagos has an incredible and thriving scene which has grown considerably over the last few years and it’s sometimes hard to keep up with all the new galleries here in Lagos. If you an art lover, you have to immerse yourself in the beautiful artworks are these art galleries. Some, but not all of these listed galleries are free to enter.

Visit the following art galleries:

Art gallery - things to do in Lagos

Watch a Concert at The New Afrika Shrine

The New Afrika Shrine is an open-air entertainment centre located in Ikeja, Lagos State. It serves as the host location of the annual Felabration music festival. It is run by the Fela Kuti family to keep Fela Kuti’s legacy alive and you can enjoy a like concert from Femi Kuti, Made Kuti and sometimes Seun Kuti. 

Made Kuti performing with a saxophone at The New Afrika Shrine
Made Kuti performing at The New Afrika Shrine

Enjoy an Evening Boat Trip and Seafood at Kingfishers 

Head down to Kingfishers before sunset on Thursdays for their tropical Thursdays, enjoying seafood with a live DJ bringing the best Afrobeat music to you. There’s also a boat cruise you can do for N10,000 from 9 pm. You will need to enquire and make a reservation.

Wine Tasting With The Wine Club Lagos

Immerse yourself in the delightful world of wine tasting in Lagos. Discover the city’s rich cultural tapestry through the diverse flavours encapsulated in each glass. Whether you’re a seasoned wine enthusiast or a newcomer, the Wine Tasting Club is a Private Members’ Club that provides a unique and enjoyable experience in Lagos.

Try Your Hand at Golfing at Lakowe Lakes

Lakowe Lakes Golf & Country Club in Lekki offers a nice getaway in Lagos with an exclusive 308-hectare residential golf estate. The Lakowe Lakes Golf Course is an 18-hole, par-72 championship course that offers a golfing experience suitable for both seasoned golfers and beginners alike. You can book a stay here and enjoy the scenic view of the lake, go for a swim, or make use of the tennis court or gym. The Room rates range from N110,000 – N290,000 depending on your accommodation choice. transportation within the resort is free, you can always walk or call to get picked up. You can relax on a boat ride and they offer different packages from N8,500 – N20,000 with some packages coming with food.

Lakowe Lakes Golf and Country Estate | LinkedIn
Lakowe Lakes


From its bustling fun activities to its rich cultural heritage, Lagos is a city that truly never sleeps. As a Nigerian who visits this city bi-annually, I can attest to its unique energy and enjoyment Lagos has to offer. Whether you’re in Lagos for Detty December or any other time, the city’s dynamic atmosphere ensures an unforgettable experience. From exploring fun places to engaging in unique activities, this guide provides a comprehensive glimpse into the heart of Lagos. Whether it’s exploring art galleries, relaxing at beautiful beaches, or attending a Nigerian wedding, Lagos caters to a wide range of interests. The city’s thriving cultural scene, showcased through events like Felabration at the New Afrika Shrine and live plays at the Terra Culture, adds another layer to the Lagos experience. Hope you found this blog post useful. 

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