10 Reasons to Visit Dubai Right Now

10 Reasons to Visit Dubai Right Now

Introducing my first guest writer on diywithjoy. This post was written by the lovely Neha from Dubai. Enjoy!

To tell you the truth, there are a million reasons to visit Dubai right now. One of the main reasons to visit Dubai right now, during winter, is the weather. The weather in Dubai boils hot for the most part, but it’s quite mild and pleasant from November to February. This is the time to visit this splendid city and catch some of its beautiful attractions. There are several other reasons for citing this as the best time to visit Dubai. For one thing, Dubai Shopping Festival is around the corner. Do you need more of a reason? So let’s start looking at our 10 reasons to visit Dubai right now.

1. For Shopping!

Shopping in Dubai has definite awards. Here you can find unique finds, global brands, enough gold to blind you, and plenty of artsy stuff. Whether you shop in the old souqs, or the fabulous malls, you’ll simply not go away empty handed. Explore the spice and fabric souqs of Bur Dubai and Deira to your heart’s content. Check out the Gold Souqs – there are many, and each will have a blinding display of gold.

Gold Souk Dubai

The Dubai Mall offers a fabulous shopping experience plus plenty of wonder and excitement. Apart from top-tier shops and restaurants, the Dubai Mall houses a fantastic aquarium, an indoor 22-screen cinema, a Virtual Reality amusement park and a huge ice ring. The Dubai Fountain, just in front of Dubai Mall, adds additional interest and drama to your shopping. The Mall of the Emirates is another shopping paradise. It houses the famous Ski Dubai, the UAE’s biggest indoor ski resort.

Dubai Mall

2. To Experience The Best Of The Best 

Dubai is home to record-holding architectural marvels such as the Burj Khalifa and the Burj Al Arab and the Dubai Frame. The award-winning Guinness record holder Miracle Garden is abloom in a million flowers right now. Dubai’s beauty knows no bounds. As its ruler, Sheikh Mohammed says, “In Dubai, we don’t wait for things to happen. We make them happen.”

Burj Khalifa Dubai

This statement is very true. Dubai has a number of exemplary buildings and structures that are worthy of some serious drool. The upcoming Museum of the Future and the Dubai Eye are two serious contenders for the best of the best list soon.

Dubai Frame

3. For the Food!

People from all cultures live in Dubai; over time, they’ve brought their unique gastronomic tastes into the city.  Today Dubai has become the melting point of cultures, with hundreds of restaurants catering to every possible global cuisine.

You’ll be spoilt for choice when you’re in Dubai. There are street food stalls, food trucks, fine-dining options run by Michelin-starred chefs and more. Here you can experience the unique tastes and flavours belonging to cultures other than yours. While in Dubai, don’t forget to taste some genuine Emirati cuisine. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Dubai Food

4. For Relaxation

There’s no place in the world that prioritizes luxurious experiences as Dubai does. Dubai is home to vast stretches of impeccable golf courses and some of the world’s best tournaments are held there. The city has some mind-blowing resorts where you can enjoy a secluded, uber-luxurious stay.  Try the full body massage at Talise Ottoman Spa and you’ll understand. The city is bursting full of spas and wellness centres and luxury dining options. If you’ve got the money, then Dubai is the place where you can purchase luxury by the gallons.

Talise Ottoman Spa Dubai

5. For Some Beach Fun!

Most of the city’s well-known beaches are accessible by public transport. Check out the lovely Kite Beach, which is perfect for kitesurfing and stand-up paddling. From this beach, you can also enjoy a fabulous view of the Burj Al Arab. Then there’s Sunset Beach, which is well-known for its lovely views of the Arabian Gulf. It is a quiet beach for people looking for sun bathing and contemplation. The Jumeirah Open Beach is perfect for strolling, jogging and sunbathing. The Al Mamzar Beach is where families gather for picnics and bikers and joggers favour. JBR Beach is the beach for some cool banana boating, Frisbee playing, parasailing and other beach activities.

Beaches in Dubai

6. To Walk The Desert Sands

Dubai’s incredible desert calls to every traveller, every adventurer to come and experience. Now that the weather is cooler, you might want to book a day safari and enjoy some wonderful desert sports. You can go dune bashing, camel riding, and sandboarding and quad biking to your heart’s content. The evening desert safari comes with in-tent entertainment with belly dancers and Tanura dancers. Enjoy getting your hands and feet tattooed with fragrant henna. Stay overnight in the desert and walk on the blissfully cool sands at night. It’s one of the best experiences to enjoy in this brilliant city.

Desert Safari

7. For the Sheer Adventure!

In Dubai, you can have never-ending adventures. How about going ziplining on the world’s longest urban zipline right over the Dubai Fountains? Then there’s skydiving right over the Dubai Marina; imagine the rush of adrenaline as you dive on top of the grand Palm Jumeirah. How about a hot air balloon ride over the desert? Coast over the vast dunes in your balloon and enjoy scintillating views of the entire desert. If you are into breathtaking sunrises and contemplative silences, then the balloon ride is for you.

8. For The Best Views Ever!

Stand at the top of Burj Khalifa’s observatory deck and check out the view of the city spread out in front of you. Impressed? That’s Dubai for you. Enjoy the views of the city from a helicopter, or from a balloon over the desert. Enjoy the fabulous views you get when you skydive from above. Enjoy great views as you enjoy dinner at the Hotel Atmosphere in the Burj Khalifa, or at the Al Mahara in the Burj al Arab.

Burj Khalifa Dubai

9. For the Gold!

Dubai is all about gold, and 24 carat gold at that. Whether it’s a gold facial at Talise Ottoman Spa, or a gold leaf-flaked ice-cream at Scoopi Café, where real 24-carat gold is flaked on to decadent vanilla ice-cream. Then there are the innumerable gold souqs displaying huge amounts of gold jewellery at their windows. Just walking through these souqs puts a glitter on everything. Gold is prevalent all over Dubai; it is synonymous with royalty, so you’ll see it even in the decorations of the Burj Al Arab and the accents in any luxurious hotel setting.

10. To Enjoy the New Year’s Celebrations!

New Year is celebrated in Dubai with great gusto. There are amazing fairs, carnivals and hordes of entertainment options at this time. There will be incredible fireworks display at various locations. The fireworks and laser light show at the Burj Khalifa is the highlight of them all.

Then there’s the fireworks display at the Burj al Arab and at various locations along the Palm Islands. A lot of people travel to Dubai to participate in and witness the incredible New Year’s celebrations in the city. The fun begins in Dubai at the beginning of December itself, so now is the best time to pack your bags for Dubai.

New Year Dubai


Here are out 10 reasons to visit Dubai right now. How many of these reasons resonate with you? Will you visit Dubai for some gold shopping? Or for some adventure? Or to shop top brands during the DSF? It’s your call. Now is the best time to visit Dubai, so hurry up and pack your bags already!



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  2. January 2, 2020 / 10:29 am

    Dubai is the amazing place to visit. There are more entertainment things to do like, luxury hotels, dance, music, historical places and karaoke bar in Dubai.

    • January 7, 2020 / 8:24 pm

      Yes I agree, there’s a bit of everything for everyone! 😆

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