How To Enjoy Nightlife Alone Abroad: My Experience As A Solo Traveller

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I’ve taken myself out for dinner, gone on solo cinema trips and even gone to a concert myself but this was my first time experiencing nightlife solo and in a whole other country. 

My First Solo Nightlife Experience In Thailand

I travelled to Phuket, Thailand for the ultimate solo birthday trip and purposely chose to stay in Patong for the first half of my trip as this beach resort town is famously known for its bustling nightlife, variety of activities, markets and plenty of restaurants. I wouldn’t really consider myself a hardcore party girl, but I do love to dance to good music and sometimes experience nightlife in a new country. Patong has a popular road called Bangla where the best nightlife happens. I planned to hopefully meet people during the day and join them in their night adventures which worked for the first few days of my holiday here. The night before my first solo nightlife experience, I had met some lovely girls at the Illuzion club on Bangla road, exchanged numbers and planned to meet at the same club at an agreed time the next night. I was super excited and relieved as I didn’t have to worry about venturing out alone.

Bangla Road, Patong at nightlife
Bangla Road, Patong

The next night I got to the club and walked a few steps, patiently looking out for the girls I had planned to meet. I went around the club, scoping the area, trying not to look awkward while doing this and hoping to bump into the girls but this never happened.

Then it began to sink in like a ton of bricks and I felt overwhelmed at the thought of being alone.

Can people tell I’m alone? Well, this is going to be awkward”  were some of the dubious thoughts I had in my mind.

I did find out at a later time that the girls didn’t have wifi to contact me and we must have missed each other in the club as the venue was massive. I gave myself a pep talk to just stay and enjoy myself. I thought to myself, If I can travel all the way to Thailand solo, I should be brave enough to experience one solo nightlife as well right? At that moment, I started dancing by myself for a good few minutes but I wasn’t feeling the music. I was extremely wide awake because of jet lag and didn’t want to go back to my hotel just yet.

Illuzion club nightlife experience in Phuket, Thailand
Illuzion club, Phuket

I went to sit down and was on my phone, attempting to look like I was doing something interesting or waiting for someone. A guy started talking to me and after about 10 minutes I wasn’t feeling the conversation. I got up and went to use the bathroom before deciding that it was time for me to head back.

In the process of trying to find the exit, I faintly heard some up-tempo music, which spurred me to investigate. It was a hidden area of the club, known to locals as the after-party area. This hidden club was playing one of my favourite genres of music, Afrobeats. It’s the kind of music that would make you want to shake a leg or two. The atmosphere in this place was buzzing, the music got me excited and I started dancing. Within minutes, I met people from LA, Paris, and Thailand, and didn’t feel alone any longer. The conversations I had with strangers were entertaining and I enjoyed my time there. Even got a free ride back to my hotel safely on a motorbike. I lived my best life that night!

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Tips To Enjoy Nightlife As A Solo Traveller 

  1. Read reviews of the place you’re planning to party in, scope the area during the day to familiarise yourself and make sure you feel comfortable to get there (which may put you at ease).
  2. Follow your instincts! If something does not feel right remove yourself from that environment.
  3. Share your location with a trusted friend or family member.
  4. It’s advisable not to get drunk if you’re alone and always carry your drink with you.
  5. Rather than walking to the venue, order a taxi. If you do plan on walking home (if the club or bar is a short distance away from your accommodation), make sure you are walking in lit-up streets and not dark alleyways.
  6. Make use of Facebook groups and social media apps such as Instagram to meet new people and ask for nightlife advice. 
  7. Group tours during the day are a great way to meet new people and make plans for the night. 
  8. Finally, don’t worry too much about being alone. There’s a good chance people will be drawn to you and start a conversation with you. Enjoy the moment, feel the fear, and do it anyway, keeping an open mind. 

Have you had a solo nightlife experience abroad? Share your story below. 

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