Luxury Travelling Options That Can Make Your Holidays More Memorable

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Travelling has always been exciting, but Brits are starting to add more spice to their travel experiences. Sykes Holiday Cottages discovered that 49% of their study’s respondents are planning to try new things in their future travels. After months of isolation, travellers are becoming more adventurous, and are seeking out experiences that they would never have considered before.

If you’ve caught the travel bug as well, one new adventure that you can try is luxury travel. There’s no better way to put together a special holiday, particularly if you give these luxury experiences a try:

Explore Europe via a train tour

You can catch magnificent views of cities and the countryside by hopping aboard a carriage and taking a train tour.

These train tours are a great treat, especially if you’re travelling long distances. Japan is ideal for solo travellers and one of the best ways to see the country is a luxury train journey. East Japan’s Train Suite Shiki-Shim operates out of Tohoku and Hokkaido, and passengers can see the country in a moving 5-star hotel. The train service offers the very best in food and hospitality.

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Take the scenic route with a chartered bus

If you want to savour every moment, then try exploring various destinations at your leisure by boarding a chartered bus.

UK’s largest transport operator National Express has purchased Stagecoach in order to provide better transport services for British passengers. This deal includes offering a VIP Private Coach Hire, where travellers get served with canapes and drinks by an onboard hostess. These chartered buses follow your personal itinerary, so you can simply sit back and watch movies from the Apple TV screens as you approach your destination.

Relax on an ocean journey

The ocean is a relaxing sight for many, and you can enjoy it for an even longer period of time by boarding a luxury ship.

Instead of travelling by air or land, Explora Journeys shows how you can enjoy the deep blue waters even more by going on an immersive ocean journey. Ocean trips invite you to take the long route to your destination so that you can enjoy onboard activities, like well-being programmes and culinary experiences. After unwinding on the ship, you can also look forward to arranged excursions at every stop.

white cruise ship

Treat yourself to a first-class experience

Many people think of flying first-class when it comes to planning luxury experiences, and it’s obvious to see why.

Thanks to their latest Boeing 777-300ER jets, British Airways is now offering first class suites, which provide greater comfort and privacy. These seats offer wider space, an inbuilt wardrobe, and even a private TV screen, so you can be at your leisure during the trip. On top of that, the new jets offer only eight suites, which means you can get some peace and quiet on your way to your destination.

A luxury trip is an experience that everyone needs to try at least once. If you want more options for a holiday that you’ll remember for a lifetime, you can check out more guides on DIY With Joy. Our detailed resources and travel planning services will make it easier for you to plan ahead and travel smart.


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