The Most Secure AirBnBs In Lagos

The Most Secure AirBnBs In Lagos

In no particular order, here are 10 of the safest, most secure short let apartments in Lagos.

1. Ope’s Luxury Home

Ope's Luxury Home

This fabulous short let apartment in Lekki and is one of the most secure you’ll find anywhere in Lagos.

Your wellbeing and security of your possessions are prioritized. There is free parking on the premises, a first aid kit is available, there is a power generator to ensure that the facility is always well lit and you also have a second entry/exit point. This host is committed to Airbnb’s 5-step enhanced cleaning process that ensures that Covid-19 is kept at bay.

There are facility managers on the ground to ensure that guests enjoy their privacy without any unwanted interference or invasion.

2. Tiara’s Luxury Home

Tiara’s Luxury Home is situated in a prime location in Lekki Phase One. Gated and well secured, you can expect to relax in a truly majestic space without any worry for your safety.

There is an anti-Covid deep-cleansing policy to keep all guests safe from the virus. Your cars are securely parked within the premises, there’s a first aid kit available, and the power is stable for an uninterrupted 24 hours.

3. Solumto Charming Apartment

For starters, all of the surfaces in this short let for rent in Ikoyi are cleaned with an alcohol-based cleaner before you arrive. A surface cleaner is provided in the apartment to wipe down surfaces as needed.

Other amenities to ensure your safety at this short let apartment in Ikoyi include a fire extinguisher, smoke alarm, 24/7 power supply among others.

4. The Stephens Luxury Home

Another safe and secure short let apartment in Lagos is the Stephen’s Luxurious home in Osapa, Lekki. It is a perfect luxury haven to have to yourself or to share with friends and family. It is actually as safe as it is luxurious. With 24/7 power supply, ample parking space, security cameras, a well-stocked first aid kit, and other measures in place to protect your property and avert accidents, you can be sure that your time here will be spent completely without hitches.

5. Sophia’s luxury home

All previous guests love this magnificent short let apartment in Lekki Phase 2, Osapa for its exterior beauty and interior ambiance. But also because it offers one of the most secure and safe environments you’ll get in any short let apartment in Lagos.

Sophia’s Luxury Home is committed to AirBnB’s 5-step enhanced cleaning process which is a step towards preventing the spread of Covid-19. So you can rest assured that Covid-19 won’t be an issue here. There is a free parking space within the premises, a smoke alarm, fire extinguisher and uninterrupted power supply to keep the house well lit at all times.

6. Achikare’s Luxury Home

The Achikare’s Luxury Home is located in Victoria Island in a secure, upscale estate and is very close to major roads. This comes in handy in case of a medical emergency and quick access is needed to a clinic or hospital.

In-house, the safety precautions and security amenities at this short let for rent in V.I include: a secure parking lot for your vehicles, 24/7 power, and a well-lit facility. They also have functional CCTV cameras, fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, etc.

7. The Mayowa Condo

The Mayowa Condo

Its great location in VI ensures, first of all, that you are secure by virtue of venue. Further security measures at this short let apartment in Victoria Island include the provision of a parking space within its premises, a smoke detector/fire alarm, fire extinguisher and facility maintainers are available at all times.

8. The Valentine Condo

The Valentine Condo

Safe short let apartment in Lekki Phase 1? The Valentine condo is it. They have an anti-Covid19 cleaning process that ensures that you arrive into a virus-free home. Your vehicle is safe in their parking space, they have a smoke alarm and fire extinguisher as well.

9. The Daniel’s Luxury Home

The Daniel's Luxury Home

Located at Lekki Phase 2, Ikate, The Daniel’s Luxury Home is one of the best short let apartments in Lekki which is perfectly suited to your luxury needs as well as your safety and security.

That is why they take their time to deep cleanse and disinfect after the last guest leaves, and they ensure a minimum 2 day period before the next guest arrives to prevent the spread of covid-19. You are also safe from accidents and theft as there is a secure parking space, a carbon monoxide alarm, smoke detector, and fire extinguisher among others. The quick access to major roads also helps in case of an [health] emergency.

10. Lara’s Luxury home

Lara's Luxury home

Luxury and convenience in a short let apartment in Victoria Island? Lara’s Luxury home is the answer. Add their commitment to their guests’ safety and you understand why it is one of the most elite AirBnBs in Lagos.

Feel secure as your care is safely parked within the facility, fire alarm and an extinguisher in case of fire, 24/7 electricity to light up the whole premises as well as security cameras amongst other safety amenities.


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