Top 5 Short Let Apartments In Lekki Phase 1


If you want a short let apartment in a prime spot of Lagos that grants easy access to the best of everything the city has to offer, Lekki Phase 1 is the location to look at. The area is generally safe while bubbling with the best entertainment and nightlife, fabulous lounges, restaurants, and the most beautiful attractions.

Let’s show you the top 5 short let apartments in Lekki Phase 1 that you can visit anytime for a truly remarkable experience.

1. Tiara’s Luxury Home

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With an exterior and interior design to die for and consistency in the quality service rendered over time, Tiara’s Luxury Home has earned its spot as THE short let apartment in Lekki Phase 1.

From the moment you step into this stunning 4-bedroom home, you get an unmistakable feeling of belonging right inside it. It has a homey feel and the ambience of a palace. You’ll literally feel like you’ve walked into a beautiful fairytale.

The host, Shortlethomes, offers all this grandeur without stripping the home of its soul. So you still have a functional kitchen, lovely beds with decadently fluffy pillows, a washing machine, huge smart TVs with Netflix and cable subscriptions, functional air conditioners among other amenities that’ll keep your experience pleasant from start to finish.

It is well located around attractions like The Cactus, Shiro, Landmark Beach, and a host of other restaurants offering fine dining. In a nutshell, Tiara’s Luxury Home has everything you’ll find in other short let apartments but with an elevated level of sophistication that surpasses all others.

2. Tokyo’s Home Away From Home

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This all-new 3-bedroom apartment dazzles with a world-class interior design while enveloping you in the finest ambience and cosiness. With ensuite rooms, 24/7 electricity and security, 10mbp/s internet service, daily house cleaning, a pool in the backyard, and a gym among other features, you get the idea that you are going to Tokyo’s Home Away From Home to have the time of your life.

It is also at the epicentre of all the fun, fine-dining, and best attractions you can imagine!

Not only will you be among an exclusive first set of people to enjoy its furnishings and world-class fixtures, but you will also be living an experience that’s unmatched at any other short let apartment in Lekki phase 1.

3. Tranquil Duplex By Casa Nomads

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Short let apartments in Lekki phase 1 don’t get better than this minimalist 2-bedroom duplex. Tucked away in a secure and gated estate right in the middle of Lekki Phase 1, this home offers an experience of serenity, relaxation, and when you feel like it, access to the best places to have fun to your heart’s satisfaction.

It is clean, chic, and cosy, with an open plan kitchen, 24/7 power and security, high-speed internet, washing machine, air conditioners, a first aid kit, board games, and complimentary face masks, etc.

4. Lekki 99

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This one-bedroom luxury short let apartment is ideal for intimate romantic getaways or just when you need time away to refresh and rejuvenate. Set in a quaint street right at the heart of Lekki Phase 1, this short let apartment has an overall decor that speaks sophistication and homeliness.

The vibe you immediately get at Lekki 99 is one of comfort and relaxation. Its spacious living area and amenities such as comfortable couches, a 55” LED TV, an A.C unit, and a cozy bed draped with 100% Egyptian cotton sheets will make you want to come back again and again.

Filmhouse Cinemas, The Palms Shopping Mall, 3426 Lounge, Suya Hut, and Roma Bar & Lounge are some attractions you will find around. Click here for the best restaurants and bars.

5. Jonathan’s place

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Jonathan’s place is one of the finest contemporary-styled short let apartments in Lekki phase 1. This 3-bedroom home is not only tastefully furnished, it is fitted with all amenities that will put your mind at rest and allow you to enjoy the time of your life throughout your stay.

Situated in a secure neighbourhood of Lekki Phase 1 and in close proximity to major landmarks and attractions, Jonathan’s Place has all the amenities required to live a ‘normal home life’ even though you are not at home. All rooms come with split ACs and TVs with a cable subscription, parking space is available, laundry service, and even a chef on demand.

No wonder Naomi who stayed there in 2020 said: “This is the best Apartment we’ve ever stayed in Lagos. It’s even better than described, Jonathan and his staff were just fantastic! Will definitely be coming back.”



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